Reimagined tax tech products reignite promising partnership

Columbus, OH, February 15, 2024–Arvo Tech, an upstart employment tax credit vendor, has updated its innovative Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) products, catalyzing expanded adoption among WurkNow clients. Arvo Tech and WurkNow are poised to deliver millions in tax savings to clients including staffing firms through their seamless integration.

WurkNow’s workforce management technology simplifies hiring processes and enables efficient employee management, making it popular with staffing firms and other industries. Their reignited partnership with Arvo contributes to a recent upswell of new offerings and increased capacity, sparking interest among businesses who seek cohesive and streamlined workforce management and growth software.

Arvo Tech’s updated integration as the foundation to the relationship with WurkNow continues its trailblazing effort to expand access to employment tax credits among SMBs, an endeavor kickstarted by its founding team of tax professionals in 2014. “Arvo is buzzing about the synergy generated by our partnership with WurkNow,” President and Co-Founder Terracina Maxwell said of the reignited partnership. “We love WurkNow’s dedication to a cohesive front-end onboarding experience, and are thrilled to fill a niche in their offering.”

Key benefits of the partnership include:

  • Increased cohesion in WurkNow’s workforce management technology offerings

  • Expanded access to employment tax credits for WurkNow users

  • Introduction of updated Arvo products, including a new hire survey and enhanced dashboard experience

  • Projected future mutual growth thanks to thriving partnership

“At WurkNow, our mission is to simplify workforce management and drive tangible results for businesses,” WurkNow Marketing Manager Roxana Panahi said of the partnership. “By integrating innovative tax credit solutions into our platform, we’re not only streamlining processes but also unlocking new opportunities for our users to maximize savings and fuel growth.”

On Wednesday March 14, 2024 at 1:00 PM EST, Arvo will host a webinar in conjunction with WurkNow titled “What is WOTC?” to showcase the transformative potential of their partnership, especially for WurkNow clients. Learn more and register for the webinar here.

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