Integrated Compliance

Stay up to date with changing tax laws, regulations, and required data with our system.


Compliance is a critical aspect of developing an optimized Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. Failing to comply with regulations and tax laws can result in costly consequences. The team at Arvo has worked for years to develop the most secure, advance, and compliant technology. Here are just some ways that utilizing our technology with your payroll or ATS provider can help ensure tax compliance:

1. Automation

Our technology, when synced with your payroll data, can automate tax calculations and reduce the risk of errors. Removing any risk of error from the equation is the best means to guarantee compliance.

2. Reporting Requirements

The IRS requires very specific information to be reported to it, and in the case of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) that means ongoing accurate reporting with your payroll data. Our technology can automate these reports, ensuring compliance with IRS reporting requirements.

3. Data Security and Privacy Regulations

The secure transmission of your data is our top priority. Our technology, when integrated with your payroll or ATS provider, can help your business comply with data security and privacy regulations. We’ve strived to implement the highest data security measures, such as end-to-end encryption and access controls to ensure proper data handling and storage practices is happening.