At Arvo, we are very excited about our newest integration which is with Bullhorn as their first blueprint WOTC and Tax Credits automation integration.

In selecting Bullhorn as an integration partner, we took in several key factors when making the decision:

  • Expertise & Experience
  • Compatibility & Scalability
  • Robust Integration Capabilities
  • Reliability & Security
  • Strong Communication & Support
  • Client References & Reviews


Expertise & Experience

Bullhorn has a proven track record of expertise and experience with over 100 integrations and automations.

Compatibility and Scalability:

Before integrating, we evaluated how our solution and technologies align with the existing Bullhorn infrastructure. We worked with Bullhorn to modify the original technology strategy so we could ensure that each other’s technologies, databases, and software platforms will be optimal to maximize client results. Additionally, we consider the scalability of their solutions and found that they would be able to accommodate future growth and evolving business needs.

Robust Integration Capabilities:

As a technology company who offers tax credit services, we offer a comprehensive suite of integration services that can handle various data formats, protocols, and APIs. With Bullhorn, we were able to explore a wide range of integration options and chose the simplest and most efficient strategy.

Reliability and Security:

Integration involves the exchange of sensitive data between systems. It’s vital to partner with a provider that prioritizes data security and privacy. We have top notch security protocols, encryption methods, and compliance with industry standards such as SOC 2 and it was important for us that Bullhorn had similar protocols in place for uptime performance and disaster recovery plans to ensure uninterrupted service and minimal downtime.

Strong Communication and Support:

In working with integration partners, effective communication is crucial throughout the integration process. We believe strongly in open lines of communication, providing timely updates, progress reports, and addressing any concerns or issues promptly. We are constantly rated with 5 star service for responsive customer support and we have a dedicated team available to assist you during and after the integration process along with the client(s) involved. We look for that in our integration partners and Bullhorn displayed through the process similar values.

Client References and Reviews

The final piece when we look at integrating with other software providers is the feedback from their clients. At Bullhorn, they received incredible feedback from clients using their platform and discussed results that they produce.


The integration we decided on was one of simplicity and complexity is the enemy of execution. It’s broken up into 2 components:

  • Completing the WOTC Survey
  • Reporting on the Results of the Survey

Completing the WOTC Survey

The first component of the integration was to ensure that the WOTC survey could be filled out effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly. To do this we integrated into the Bullhorn Onboarding software, formerly Able. Candidates will now be able to be assigned the WOTC survey with their onboarding electronic forms that are to be completed.

With the integration, much of the candidate information is pulled directly into the survey from their application to make it easy for the candidate to complete. This will also shorten the length of time it takes to complete as well as cause a frictionless experience.

Reporting on the Results of the Survey

The final element to keep the integration simple for all involved is to report the results of WOTC eligibility into the Bullhorn ATS. We have tapped into their API to be able to send the results so that your recruiters can see whether the candidate is eligible or not and be able to make a business decision from ther.

Final Comments

By partnering with Bullhorn, our goal is to be open to the more than 10,000 businesses that utilize the Bullhorn platform to help them take advantage of our incredible technology to not only optimize their WOTC results, but also to maximize their cash flow.