As employees are asked to do even more, many times managing your WOTC program can be often forgotten amongst their other responsibilities. At Arvo, our goal is to ensure that you operationalize WOTC where it becomes 2nd
nature and part of your standard operating procedures. To do this, we offer a simple, yet very effective strategy, the Arvo 3 x 5 strategy.

The Arvo 3×5 strategy is extremely simple to execute and it begins with creating goals in the 3 key areas of screening, placing your WOTC eligible employees, and working your WOTC eligible list of eligible candidates that you have not hired yet.

Example Goals


  • Each location has a 90% screening compliance percentage.
  • Your first impression team mentions completing the survey to all candidates that walk through your doors.
  • Ensuring that your screening percentage is higher than your eligible candidate percentage.

Placing WOTC Eligible Employees:

  • Working to get 5 employees across the 120-hour or 400-hour mark per week.
  • If you’re a staffing firm, ensure your recruiters are utilizing WOTC as one of the skill code or qualifications when they search for qualified candidates for a position.
  • Engage weekly with your WOTC eligible employees to build rapport and increase retention.

Working Your WOTC Eligible List of Candidates:

  • If you’re a staffing firm, having a daily or weekly huddle discussing the list of WOTC eligible candidates and discussing ways to get those candidates working.
  • Call 5 eligible candidates per day to offer them a job opportunity.
  • Print off your WOTC eligible candidate list weekly and distribute it to your hiring team to focus on those candidates.

Now once you have created a goal in each of the 3 areas, the last part of the Arvo 3×5 strategy is then to spend 5 minutes per week for each goal weekly. So, you will be spending 15-minutes total per week working on your WOTC program. The key will be to have superb goals to achieve superb results. At Arvo, clients who have executed this strategy have had amazing outcomes and attained higher credits. If your organization is needing a boost in WOTC, please give this strategy a try.

About Arvo Tech

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