ETA Form 9198 will replace IRS Form 2848 on May 31, 2024

Last June, the Department of Labor announced an important change that anyone who employs a third party (such as Arvo Tech) to manage their Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program needs to comply with by May 31, 2024. 

Formerly, third parties were authorized to communicate with state workforce agencies (SWAs) on behalf of WOTC claimants via Form 2848-Power of Attorney Form. After May 2024, this form will no longer be valid for this purpose.

Instead, both employers claiming the WOTC and their third-party representatives need to complete, sign, and file Form 9198-Employee Representative Declaration with their state workforce agency. Once filed, the new form is valid for five years. 

Our clients are compliant

Arvo’s dedicated state workforce team tracks all WOTC requirements in our clients’ areas, and ensures they remain compliant by handling all of the necessary paperwork and meeting all deadlines, even as the requirements change. We completed and filed ETA Form 9198 well ahead of the coming deadline for each of our clients. 

Need help?

Is your WOTC provider on top of this new requirement? If you don’t know for sure, it might be a bad sign. If you miss the May 31 deadline, you could very well miss out on WOTC certifications, and, as a result, the tax credits you deserve. 

Not every WOTC provider has a dedicated state workforce team like Arvo. If this describes you, give us a call to discuss how our full-service support and cutting-edge technology can supercharge your WOTC program.