As a business owner or HR professional, you may have heard about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program, a federal tax credit program that rewards employers for hiring individuals from specific target groups. But how can you ensure you’re taking full advantage of this program and maximizing your WOTC credits? That’s where the customer service team of a WOTC vendor comes into play. In this blog post, we’ll explore the important role customer service plays in helping clients navigate the WOTC program and optimize their credits.

Seamless Candidate Experience:

The first step in maximizing your WOTC credits is building a seamless candidate experience to ensure candidates complete the WOTC survey. Your WOTC vendor’s customer service team will assist clients in getting integrated with their ATS for a seamless candidate experience as well as being able to determine their eligibility in real time. Now for companies who still use a manual process, the customer service team provides guidance on identifying individuals from target groups such as veterans, long-term unemployed individuals, and recipients of certain government assistance programs. With their expertise, they help clients gather the necessary information to support eligibility claims.

Collecting Documentation:

To claim WOTC credits, specific documentation is required to verify an employee’s eligibility. Customer service representatives guide clients through the process of understanding and collecting the required documents, which may include completed WOTC forms or supporting documents from relevant government agencies. Their support ensures that clients have all the necessary paperwork to claim their credits successfully.

At Arvo, our team actually goes a step further and chases down the documentation needed to gain certification. We work directly with organizations like the department of veteran affairs, department of corrections, and state workforce agencies so that it is completely removed from your plate.

Program Education:

The WOTC program can be complex, with eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and occasional updates. Your provider’s customer service team acts as a valuable educational resource, providing clients with comprehensive information about the program. They keep clients informed about changes and offer guidance on how to maximize their credits effectively. By keeping clients up to date, they help businesses stay on top of WOTC requirements.

Process Management:

Navigating the WOTC application and claims process can be overwhelming. The customer service team helps simplify this process by guiding clients through each step and ensuring that they submit accurate and timely information.

They may provide user-friendly online platforms or software tools and suggestions to streamline data collection and submission, making it easier for clients to participate in the program.

Credit Optimization Strategies:

The customer service team doesn’t stop at assisting with basic eligibility and documentation. They also provide valuable insights and strategies to help clients optimize their WOTC credits. This includes advice on timing hires to align with specific target groups, assistance with record-keeping to ensure all eligible employees are identified, and sharing best practices for maximizing WOTC credit potential. Their expertise helps businesses make the most of this valuable tax credit program.

Troubleshooting and Support:

Inevitably, challenges and questions may arise during the WOTC process. That’s when the customer service team truly shines. They are there to provide support, troubleshoot issues, and help resolve discrepancies. Whether it’s clarifying guidelines, addressing problems with documentation, or answering queries related to the program, the customer service team ensures clients receive prompt assistance and maintain a smooth WOTC experience.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to maximizing your WOTC credits, the customer service team of a WOTC vendor plays a crucial role. Their expertise in helping with integrations with ATS platforms for seamless candidate experience, assisting with documentation, educating clients about the program, managing the process, offering optimization strategies, and providing troubleshooting support is invaluable. By partnering with a reputable WOTC vendor and leveraging their customer service resources, businesses can confidently navigate the WOTC program, optimize their credits, and enjoy the financial benefits it offers.