The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program can be effectively combined with both in-person and virtual job fairs to maximize its benefits for employers.

Here’s how you can integrate WOTC with job fairs in both formats:

In-Person Job Fairs:

Preparation and Education:

  • Educate your hiring team about the WOTC program and the target groups that qualify for the tax credits.
  • Prepare informational materials about your business and include any incentives for WOTC candidates to share with them.

Promotion of WOTC:

  • Highlight your participation in the WOTC program in your job fair marketing materials and share the target groups.
  • Showcase any benefits to WOTC candidates such as a hiring bonus for veterans.

Eligibility Assessment:

  • During the job fair, use your screening questionnaires to identify potential candidates who may qualify for WOTC. Ideally use an electronic screening questionnaire and if you don’t have that opportunity be sure to have a paper questionnaire available.

Follow-Up Process:

  • Implement a streamlined process to gather required information and documentation from eligible candidates after the job fair.
  • Ensure that your HR team is well-equipped to handle the documentation process and submit claims for WOTC or be sure to use a WOTC vendor that will gather that documentation.

Virtual Job Fairs:

Pre-Event Communication:

  • Prior to the virtual job fair, send out emails or notifications to registered job seekers, informing them about any incentives you have for WOTC candidates.

Information Incentives Booth:

  • Set up a virtual booth dedicated to incentives and provide information about them. Provide downloadable materials and FAQs about the incentives.

Live Chat or Q&A Sessions:

  • Host live chat sessions or Q&A sessions during the virtual job fair to answer questions about your firm, WOTC, and explain the application process.

Digital Eligibility Assessment:

  • Develop an online eligibility assessment tool such as an electronic WOTC survey that job seekers can complete before or during the virtual job fair to determine their potential eligibility for WOTC.

Integration with Application Process:

  • Integrate WOTC with your job fair application forms, helping you identify eligible candidates early in the process.

Post-Event Follow-Up:

  • After the virtual job fair, send follow-up emails to eligible candidates with information on how to provide necessary documentation if you aren’t using a WOTC vendor.

Remember that communication is key in both formats. Clearly communicate the advantages your offering to WOTC candidates, making it a selling point for your company’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity employment. Additionally, ensure that your internal processes are well-organized to collect documentation and submit claims in a timely manner to fully benefit from the WOTC program.